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New Aliexpress Shop Open

Our Aliexpress web shop at Visit the Shop

Video of installing Laisdcc decoder on youtube

Installing the decoder of Lais on an DCC Ready U30C Atlas Exploring all the lighting effects of the Lais Decoders

Pre-order of LaisDcc new decoders stock

Dear Fans of Laisdcc, We are in low stock of all our decoders. And we are doing new stock now. You can pre-order all our decoders below by email at 860011/4 Function only decoder 860012/NEM651 6 wire motor decoders with 1A rating 860013/NEM651 6 Pin motor decoders with 1A rating 860014/4 Function motor decoders …

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LaisDcc new products

Dear Fans of LaisDcc, We will open for order for new products 860007/Stay alive kits lite of LaisDcc And we will open for order of new products 860011/Function only decoders with 4 Fun of LaisDcc. @LaisDcc 2015

LaisDcc decoders new Manual and CV list

Dear Fans of LaisDcc, We have upgrade our decoders and you can download the new manual and cv list at the below link, this new manual and CV list can work for old decoders also.

How to make a laisdcc motor decoders to be a function decoder

Dear Fan, LaisDcc motor decoders can use as a function decoders also. You just need to connect a 560ohm/0.25W Resistor between the grey wire and the orange wire to make it to a dummy load/motor. Then you can use it as function only decoders and you can change the light effect after the installation. Do not …

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LaisDcc will release function only decoders soon

Dear LaisDcc decoders funs, We will release our brand function only decoders soon. Keep  you eyes on our website. @LaisDcc  2015

Installing a LaisDCC Decoder & Stay Alive Unit in my Mallard by Mitchell Thomas

  • 10, 13, 2015
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  • Comments Off on Installing a LaisDCC Decoder & Stay Alive Unit in my Mallard by Mitchell Thomas

Installing a LaisDCC Decoder & Stay Alive Unit in my Mallard by Mitchell Thomas

Laisdcc decoders working video on youtube

Dear All Laisdcc customers, We invite you guys to share your working video of our decoders and your install guide video on youtube. The following is one of the customer’s video.

Share your Installation with other fans

In order to let more fans to know us(laisdcc), we kindly ask you to Share your Installation with other fans on model train forums to get a 30% off for your next order. After you tested our decoders, share your photos on the model train forums and send me the print screen of the post to …

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