NEM652 8PIN build in decoders on sell soon.


    Total support of all NMRA/NEM specifications
    Direct easy connection to exclusive Stay-Alive device.
    Super smooth high frequency silent drive motor control.
    Switchable DC running
    2 or 4 digit addressing and 14, 28 or 128 speed steps.
    2 or 4 active functions each safe to 150mA
    Support for all common programming & consist modes.
    Back EMF with step-variable or Fn button control.
    Fully adjustable motor control and function actions.
    Easily locked once adjustment or set-up is complete.
    All special lighting effects available
    All functions able to be re-allocated (remapped) as required.
    Heat-shrink insulated for short-free installation.
    Economical enough to use as lighting decoders.
    1.0 amp continuous, 2.0 amp peak motor drive