Decoder Wires

28AWG, 30AWG, 32AWG, and 36AWG insulated wire are available in Red, Black, Orange, Grey, White, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Green, Pink, Brown

decoder-wire-1  decoder-wire-2

Heat Shrink Tubing for connection




PVC Heat Shrink Tubing for Decoders




LED strip lights

DC3V/5V/12V/24V LED strip lights, AC110V/220V LED strip lights. All color are available



SMD LEDS and Through-Hole LEDS are available in different size and all color

led    smd_led_process_200802

4 Point Junction Board

These 4-Point Junction Boards have 4 solder pads joined together by 4 circuit traces. Use these boards to connect wires, resistors, bulbs, LED’s, etc. without having to solder wires directly together. Feel free to cut the traces to isolate solder points!


SMD LED with wires


red   led%20with%20magnetic%20wire%20picture

Pre-wired LED


All type of Model Figure/Model Tree/Model Street Light/Model grass

model-figure  model-tree

ESU 21 Pin Plate


Mini Connector Set 4-Way

Four way connector pairs, for connections between body and chassis or locomotive and tender.


Mini Connector Set 6-Way

These are compact and easy to use with clearly marked soldering pads which will allow you to connect a 4 function decoder to a 21 pin MTC equipped locomotive with a little careful soldering.


6 Pin Decoder Socket with Wiring Harness

6pin harnesses with a female socket to connect to NEM651/NMRA 6 pin decoders. Colour coded wiring to match NMRA standards.

This is designed to save the use of a second decoder to operate lighting function on DMUs and other vehicles, pack comprises of a 6Pin Male plug and 6Pin female socket, both with a 150mm harness.

6-pin-decoder-socket-with-wiring-harness product-21-of-37-from-dcc-essentials

dcc-6pin-inter-vehicle-plug-socket 6-pin%20colored

8 Pin to 9 Pin JST


ESU Adapter 8 Pin (NEM652) to PLUX


NEM21 to 9 Wire

This is a circuit board with a NEM21 socket with solder pads to connect wires to the NEM21


6 PIN Digital Command Control DECODER SOCKET WITH 8 PIN PLUG (NEM651 TO NEM652)

This is designed to the interface of loco and the interface of DCC Digital decoders match when the interface is different. 6Pin female socket, 150mm wire, and 8 pin male plug.


Soundtraxx DBX-9000 Wiring Kit

The DBX-9000 is a compact 9-wire connector and harness assembly for use with universal style DCC decoders. It is designed to simplify the wiring connection between a steam locomotive and its tender.

The DBX-9000 provides a simple quick-disconnect to make it easier to separate the tender from the locomotive for painting, storage or service.

Nine numbered solder pads correspond to the nine wires of the harness to be used for motor, lights, track pickups, and/or cam. The center hole accommodates a 2-56 screw.

The circuit board measures 0.5″(1.27CM) W x 0.63″(1.6CM) L and the 9-wire harness is 6″ (15CM) long.

dbx-9000img_2701  img_2700

21PIN MTC Socket


NEM652 8PIN to JST 9Pin

t1-uk  jst-9-pin-decoder-harness

DC/DC Voltage Regulator

Input Range: 4.5V-28V

Output Range: 0.8V-20V

Max Output Current: 3A

Size: 22*17*4mm