LaisDcc specialize in toy model trains and parts and accessories. Main products of our company is Loco & function Decoder, Accessory Decoder, Decoder tester, Lighting Decoders for scale model trains. All of then are total support of all NMRA/NEM specifications. LaisDcc are in the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) manufacturer list, the NMRA ID is 134 or 0x86. Please fell free to contact with us at

We have a lot of re-seller all over the world. You can buy from then and get a local exchange and service. If you plan to be our re-seller also, please contact with us at email.

We accept OEM/ODM also, if you order in bulk, we can produce it with your logo and NMRA ID. We are profession in decoders production and we source all components of the decoders to SMD and assembly, testing in China. We can make your production cost at very low. If you have your own design and brand, we can manufacture it for you and with your brand.